Adeeba D Deterville, MA/PhDc is co-founder of Sankofa Cultural Institute. She holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies and is currently a doctoral student in CIIS’ Transformative Studies program. Adeeba’s dissertation, Sankofa Wellness: An Africentric Pedagogy of Jegnaship and The Praxis of Alignment and Actualization for Psycho-Spiritual Wellness — A Scholarly Personal Narrative” is situated in the fields of Africology and African-centered Psychology and takes an Africentric perspective on culturally responsive teaching and learning. The research proposes Jegnaship as an alternative to mentorship and how Jegnaship is a more cultural congruent approach for Black students, faculty and others interested in transformative learning.

Adeeba currently serves on the national board of the Association of Psychologists (ABPsi) as the Western Regional Representative (2017 – 2019). She recently served on the Jegnaship Committee and is a past Western Region Graduate Representative for ABPsi’s Student Circle Board of Directors. She has also served as the Student Circle Board Chair for the Bay Area Association of Black Psychologists. Adeeba is the creator of the Bay Area Black Graduate Student Group, which offers monthly support and discussions across disciplinary lines. As part of a year-long mentorship program at CIIS, she leads a group of Black graduate students to ABPsi’s annual international convention.

In addition to her work in the academy, Adeeba has more than twenty-five years experience in the non-profit sector and has worked in the financial services field as a Community Development Officer.

She is a practitioner of Lucumi and has a regular meditation practice. Adeeba is the proud grandmother of eleven and mother of one. She enjoys Broadway musicals and 70s music, loves good vegetarian food, wine, and cognac. Adeeba enjoys going to museums and art exhibit with her artist husband and traveling to Black historical sites around the world.

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