God Dwells in the Details

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that things in my life have been just slightly off…for example…a flyer for a event missing one letter in a word, phone tag with a client, citations missing in my dissertation proposal, meetings day/time being off by a day etc. All this is happening in contrast to feeling a deep sense of centeredness and having a very stable sense in my self and work. I began seeing this pattern and contradiction- so I talked to a friend and what we realized is that I’m experiencing a shift…I’m shifting into LEADERSHIP.

I have several projects that I’m in leadership roles: being a PhD candidate, presenting my work at several conferences, being Executive Director of my non-profit, serving on a National Board for a beloved organization, faciliatating the development of a student governance policy, and coordinator of a year-long project to bring Black Psychology to a wider community of healers. I’m also, wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, friend. So, in my conversation with my friend we realized that its THE DETAILS…the small, being fully present to, listening to intuition, moments that I need to pay attention to…I need to shift from working on the outside to engaging from the inside. Leadership/Details – Leadership/Details – Leadership/Details….what came to me is “God Dwells in the Details”…meaning if I am a manifestation of god-energy, and if I’m moving/engaging from this place of power/leadership…then I must dwell in the details.

Thus my mantra for 2018…God Dwells in the Details.