Sankofa: an African-Centered Approach to Culture & Community

Be not arrogant because of your knowledge. Take counsel with the ignorant as well as with the wise. For the limits of knowledge in any field have never been set and no one has ever reached them. Wisdom is rarer than emeralds, and yet it is found among the women who gather at the grindstone.
– the Book of Ptah-Hotep from the Husia (M. Karenga, 1984)

This Field Reader is being done in direct response to the Summer 2010 Cohort-B, course section: Culture and Community curriculum. I am aware that this is an unconventional approach to creating a reader. However, I was so agitated by my experience, and given my work outside of school, I felt it was my duty to create a counter-or alternative reading options for the course. This reader will take an intentionally afri-centric focus. I will attempt to offer options in response to the novels, articles and other readings that in my opinion had a neo-colonist, ahistorical epistemological slant in its view of Black people, whether on the continent of Africa, in Americas or Europe.

I’ve attached is a link to the full document and would love to hear your feedback and input.

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