What Does Jung, Nobles and Ani Have in Common?

A recent class assignment asked us to response to a video Carl Jung

What stood out for me are Jung’s thoughts on the expansiveness of the psyche. Psyche in not confined to space and time; psyche is not dependent of these confinements; psyche is not subject to those laws; psyche exists beyond time & space. If I understood him correctly, these are some of the reasons he sees death as not an ending, but as a “great adventure”. That life itself “behaves as if it is going on”.

Two of my mentors put it this way “human being is a three-fold, unfolding, radiating experience of yet-to-live, living and after-living. To be human is to be a spirit in motion (unfolding)…constant & continual inquiry into its own being, experience, knowledge and truth” (Nobles, 2009)

Marimba Ani, PhD (formerly Dona Richards) says, “Spirit does not die. If we continually make that religious and philosophical statement though ritual and if we remember, then the physically deceased member of the family continue to be a part of that family, and we are assured of immortality. (Richards, 1996, p. 212) She states, “When we perform rituals as our ancestors did, we become our ancestors and so transcend the boundaries of ordinary space and time and the limitations of separation which they impose” (p. 212).

Jung, Nobles and Ani’s concepts make complete sense to me. As, both parents passed more than twenty years ago, in the case of my mother(s) thirty years ago. As part of my spiritual practice I honor my ancestors through a variety of rituals. I’ve always felt there presents and even more so in recent years; in part because I’m older and in part due to my spiritual practices. Death to me is just another stage of life.


Nobles, W. W. (2009). [ABPsi Meeting Notes].

Richards, D. M. (1996). The implications of African-American spirituality. In M. K. Asante (Ed.), African culture the rhythms of unity (pp. 207-231). Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press.

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