The Six Figure Woman Affirmation

secrets-of-six-figure-women1-115x173I am a financially independent woman, one who is at ease with abundance and receptive to the freedom it brings. I have the wherewithal needed for sculpting my life, as well as the betterment humanity. By me doing my part, collectively women will have the resources, values, vision and sensitivity to change the world, to heal the planet. I understand that women are the future of man. As a Successful High Earner, I empower myself.

I am undeniably a powerful person. I no longer “water myself down.” I see my work is all about relationships. It’s a wf by living life on my own terms, finding pleasure in my work, in my relationships and the opportunities I have to serve my community. I am powerful because I do what I love doing. I am able to help pay of serving others, its part of my happiness. I’ve found ways to be of service that I’d never dreamed of and I’m getting paid handsomely for it. I have the best of both worlds. I understand that my state of mind determines my level of success. I have lots of faith in myself. I have the power of my thoughts to create my reality. I am a conscious spender and a disciplined saver. I am NOW living the life that I imagined. I have answered the call to the higher work of wealth. I let go of the fear of success. I do what is right for me and the Universe supplies. eople and make money too. I am a woman who uses her money to pursue her dreams, live out her values, and make an impact on others.

I Adeeba D Deterville, and I release the extraordinary buried inside and I awaken to the Goddess within. I commit to expand my potential, become all I can be, create more abundance, and share it with others. I am the transformative force that I was meant to be. I am a six-figure woman. I am a powerful woman. I work in the six-figure sector. I am a Successful High Earner. I have declared my intention. I am willing to let go of fear.  I stretch – I am audacious. I seek and find support.

I…Spend Less • Save More • Invest Wisely • Give Generously.

I know that…  It’s possible • It doesn’t mean working all the time • I can fulfill my values • I love what I do • I feel the fear and go for it anyway • I have a workable equilibrium • I have a good laugh • I appreciate abundance.

I have… Audacity • Resilience • Encouragement • Self-Awareness • Non-attachment • Financial know-how

And so it is. Ori Ire.

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