Moon Circles

I recently began facilitating new moon circles for women. Each time I am amazed by the power of women coming together in love to support each other. My role in these circles is to create and hold the space. To nug and guide, to allow each woman to feel at ease and centered. I am always awed by the beauty of the altar we co-create and the wise-woman power that comes forth. Each time I learn something new and expand my ability to be in union with the Divine and my community.

The last one was focused on the womb healing of a sister that had been experiencing miscarriages. At this circle, there were several things that stood out for me. One was the diversity of women she called into circle. There were women of Asian, African, Europeon, and mixed cultural descent. There were women in their 20s to 60s, new mothers and grandmothers and yet-to-be mothers. Another thing that moved me was the willingness of each to come together from their various spiritual practices. In this circle we were lead in a song to the African Goddess/ Orisa Yemaya by a Asian woman. In other cirlces, with images Yemaya, Oshun and Ogun on the altar, I’ve had a born-again Christian hold a Native American talking stick. Everything from Old Testament scriptures to passages from Louise Hays You Can Heal Your Life were read. It’s a beautiful thing to be witness too.

I look forward to seeing what the divine Mother has in store for me and those who join me in circle. I know that it is glorious in deed.

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