A Healing Place

Vacation has been on my mind. All I can think about is chilling by the water. In an ancient city – Salvador, Bahia Brazil or maybe somewhere in Peru. Sipping dark red wine, and eating cool fruit. Reading a novel about another old place; filled with magically enchanted creatures. Orishas, vampires, spirits of days past. I’m longing for a new, old experience.

I see myself refreshed and bathe in the shadows of the sun. Ready to begin a new practice of healing. Restored to self. Enabled to practice the ancient rituals of women in circle. Centered. Aligned. Attuned. Focused. Calm.

Returned to myself. Flowing in the stream of consciousness that is fully alive and connected to source. Amber, patchouli, sandalwood, Oshun, Yemaya, Olokun. My mind is on ancient healing. So, here is my plan. I will create this place here and now, right where I am. And, I will draw to me all that is needed for me to travel to Brazil. I will experience the pleasure both now and later. I will radiate the vibration of receiving and flow in the energy on knowing that it is already done. I am the calm deep water.

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