Vibrational Alignment

Recently I began listening the Abraham Hicks recordings. Abraham often talks about vibrational alignment, which is a concept that is near and dear to my heart. The term Ori Ire is a Yoruba concept that means “one’s who life (head) is aligned with their destiny” In a book entitled “Counseling Persons of African Decent” Black Psychologist and author Thomas Anthony Parham says ” Ori Ire is the quest of one’s actions, thoughts, and feelings to operate in accord with one’s destiny while being aligned with good character, humility, and respect for eldership. When Ori Ire is directing one’s actions, the body and soul is in harmony and spiritually connected to a higher consciousness. This is evident when a person’s understanding of knowledge continuously transcends into wisdom. The greater the alignment that exists between one’s onipa & ori ire, the more efficiently the onipa will successfully navigate through stages of spiritual and physical maturity.”

So, how do we use this ancient African idea of Ori Ire in our daily lives. One way is slow down and begin listening to your inner voice. My inner-self had been telling me to begin writing a blog. I had started one on my website, but found I had overcomplicated the process. By making a simple shift to using this tool (Blogger), I have in less than 30-minutes created a blog page, and post that I’d been wanting to do for years.

This post represents my own vibrational alignment. Ashe.

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