Beginning My Art of Money (AOM) 2015 Journey

My Money Relationship Vision for 2015
Money and me will be honest with each other. I will treat money with respect and invite money back into my life in a positive way. Where it supports me and brings me freedom and ease.
I will have clarity with money by being open and forthcoming without shame or fear of looking at my financial statements.
I will improve my knowledge of grant writing and scholarships.
I will create a process and clear boundaries for my financial relationship with my family.
I will begin to see money as something that makes my life easier. I will have more in savings than I do in credit debt at the end of each month. I will be comfortable with having money.
I will step into my value more and more. I will create healthy spending habits. Be in financial integrity so that I can coach others.
I will practice positive money rituals.
Core Values/Themes for 2015
  • Be honest and open with myself and my household
  • Set and keep healthy financial boundaries
  • Save more. Spend less.
  • Be open to receiving gifts and being supported

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