African/Black Psychology Research: How to Apply Afrocentric Research in Your Academic Writing

Streamed live on Aug 12, 2015

This informative webinar will provide an overview of resources available for African-centered research and how to apply an Afrocentric theoretical framework to your papers. Examples of journals, articles, and books will be provided. Information on African-centered organizations and conferences will be made available.

African/Black Psychology provides a holistic, optimal worldview from which to characterize Black cultural norm. It is the study of thoughts, behaviors, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, interactions, and well-being of Black people through an African-centered lens.  Black Psychology is also a tool for which to view the soul through the principles of Ma’at, a spiritual code of conduct based on truth, justice, harmony, and balance.

African/Black psychology pre-dates Western psychology and provides Afrocentric models of study, therapy and interventions that can be applied in the social struggle for more humane environments. The contributions of early Black psychologists are often unacknowledged and excluded from mainstream academia and clinical training.

Adeeba Deterville, PhD student, Transformative Studies and MCP Program Coordinator has been a member of the Association of Black Psychologists for over twenty-years. Her areas of focus are African-centered Psychology and Spirituality, specifically cultural Identity development.

African/Black Psychology Research

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